Mapping COBIT® to ITIL®

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Mapping COBIT® to ITIL®


Are you trying to map COBIT controls to ITIL processes?Houston to NY

We often see customers who need our help mapping COBIT controls to ITIL processes.   

For example:  developing control/process training for Manage Change (Change Management) and Manage Change Acceptance and Transitioning (Release Management) built within an IT Management Framework (ITMF).

We'll design and implement a customized IT Management Framework (ITMF) training course for Manage Change (Change Management) and Manage Change Acceptance and Transitioning (Release Management). The training solution will be based on industry best practices and standards (COBIT® 5.0, ITIL® Edition 2011 and ISO/IEC 20000).

Here is a map for two of the COBIT controls to the corresponding ITIL processes:

COBIT Control

 Associated ITIL Process(es)


Manage Change (Change Management)


Change Management process – ITIL Edition 2011

Manage Change Acceptance and Transitioning (Release)


Transition Planning and Support process – ITIL Edition 2011

Release and Development process – ITIL Edition 2011

Service Validation and Testing process – ITIL Edition 2011

Evaluation process – ITIL Edition 2011

So for a COBIT control, there may be one or more supporting ITIL processes. 

When utilizing such standards, you're really working to measure the effectiveness of your IT services, aren't you?  Try out our complimentary Sample ITSM Scorecard to help you get started with the basics.

ITSM Scorecard for IT Services



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